About us

A benchmark of quality and innovation throughout Europe’s financial sector

Established by an experienced team of trading professionals, Yes Trading is a leading
financial services provider offering a full spectrum of trading instruments including Forex,
Stocks, Commodities and Indices to traders and investors around the world.
Our prime goal is to unleash your trading potential through cutting-edge technology and financial proficiency.
Our core values are Profitability, Service and Reliability.

This vision is built on a foundation of mutual trust between us and our clients.

We strive to constantly improve our services by providing you with the most professional trading
experience available today, ensuring your needs are met with speed and accuracy.

Yes Trading’s main advantages:

Our clients’ safety, privacy and security are our top priority.
We embrace the world’s leading security systems, ensuring all payments and personal data are fully encrypted and protected.

Our award-winning trading platform offers a simple, intuitive trading experience,
while allowing you to trade with the latest trading tools suitable for traders of all levels.

Our dedicated support team are ever present to guide you every step of the way and to ensure
you receive the maximum benefits with minimum risk.

Enjoy a wide array of world-class educational materials including videos, eBooks,
guides and courses and become the best trader you can be.

Stay on top of the market with the latest financial news, live market reviews
and daily analysis reports and gain the upper hand on your trading.


Delivering transparent, quality pricing with no hidden commissions or trading fees.

All withdrawal requests to credit cards are securely processed within 48 hours,
meaning our traders claim their profits faster than any other trading company.

Join Yes Trading and enjoy:

  • 20 years’ experience in the financial market
  • Unlimited access to top analysts
  • 1 on 1 portfolio adjustment services
  • Tailored accounts based on experience, income and objectives
  • Best price alerts
  • Up to 100% bonus on first deposit
  • And much more!

Open your live trading account with us today and benefit from the advantages of trading with an industry leader.